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Temporary tattoo Stickers

$ 14.00

It’s crazy to think that ever since Dior created a 24-karat temporary tattoo set back in 2012, we haven’t seen anything of its kind again — and at a friendlier price. Until now. If you’ve been getting major FOMO from photos on Instagram, you probably noticed a few young celebs sporting finger/arm tattoos (temp too!). Thankfully, it’s temporary, and luckily, you can get inked, too.

Flash Tattoos provide temporary tattoo sets in whimsical and stylish designs. So it’s the perfect accessory for that upcoming music festival without looking like a total cliche. Plus, some designs are inspired by jewelry, which means you can flaunt your new ink with a faux body chain, bracelet, or even a midi ring. Check out the slideshow to see which tatts you’ll want to wear this season.

  • Available in A/B styles, shown in the last photo. A - left half. B - right half.


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