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Glow in Dark Patch: Kappa the river child

$ 5.50

The Night Parade of One Hundred “Yokai” Series

A Japanese legend that appears frequently in Japanese visual arts. Hyakki Yagyō is when one hundred demons come through the streets on certain summer nights. It is believed that the only way to be kept safe from being spirited away by these demons is to stay inside your house on these nights. Each Yokai has its own legend. 

Inhabits rivers/ ponds. Green skin. Wet dish on head. Cucumber fan.

Kappa looks like kids with green skin, with a shell on the back and webbed hands. It will lose its magical power if its dish is broken or dries. Hyakki-yako is a yokai' late-night procession. White parts glows in the dark.

    Attention1 The patches can be ironed on cotton and polyester materials. Luminous threads are used for white parts. Be careful in the case of heat-sensitive materials. 
    Attention2 Luminous threads are heat-sensitive materials. Use a damp cloth with low-ironing as threads may melt with hot-ironing. Machine-stitch is recommended to enhance strength.
    Commercial use of this product is strictly prohibited. 
    Size 2cm×3.5cm
    Material Embroidery thread: 100% Rayon,Glue Sheet: 100% Nylon
    Manufactured Country Made in Japan
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