KYO-TO-TO is here!

Many of you may have already seen the "Hozuki's Coolheadedness" collection from our store. Anime characters are made into beautifully threaded embroidered items.

These items are from KYO-TO-TO, a brand from Kyoto, founded in 1984. The unique combination of traditional culture and modern fun vibes caught our eyes. We decided to introduce KYO-TO-TO to Lana Para, starting with Hozuki's collection. Our customers will be able to shop these beautifully made-in-Japan goods directly online, from our New York office. 

KYO-TO-TO's dedicate embroidery requires artwork and precision heavily.

Here is a brief history of the brand establishment:

After long working in the lace industry first President Takeharu Iwai founded an embroidery workshop for men’s and women’s clothing in Kameoka City in Kyoto Prefecture.
Established DUOMO CO.,LTD.
Started Import Division as a different type of business for domestic wholesale of clothing brands from Europe.
Opened an office the Import Division in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Opened “MARIOS LEFT TANKER”, a multi-brand shop, in Ebisu, Tokyo. Then Moved the office from Shibuya to Ebisu.
Started “KYO-TO-TO” brand to explore further possibility of embroidery.
Renaming Import Division to “DUOMO SHOWROOM”, started agency business in the field of domestic and international clothing brands in Asia.
Opened “Main shop of KYO-TO-TO” at Higashiyama in Kyoto City.
After 10 years of operations closed "MARIOS LEFT TANKER" and the "DUOMO SHOWROOM".
Opened the 2nd KYO-TO-TO shop in Ginza Tokyo.
“KYO-TO-TO” is a brand name that fuses “Kyoto” and “Tokyo” representing both traditional and contemporary centers of Japan. “Departing from Kyoto via Tokyo - to the World” Our concept as an embroidery brand who explores new ways of passing on culture/ tradition and the possibility of new embroidery. We hope that the Japanese culture and tradition will be succeeded by, looking, listening, feeling, using and enjoying the beauty of the forms and sounds of Japanese language and the traditional techniques.


Go give their Instagram a follow if you are interested in the behind-the-scenes of how these beautiful embroideries are processed!
Sijia Yu

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