From Ukraine to the USA - Ksenia Gerasymuk

How We Met

When I asked Ksenia to model for Lana Para, from a hookah bar in East Village that she was working at, Ksenia quickly exchanged her contact number and a big smile with me. She looked like any other part-time students who are working their ways towards college tuitions and new clothes. A week later we set up a shoot at our showroom.

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Her Execution Power

Ksenia visited New York last year. She instantly fell in love with the city's dynamics and saw the unparalleled opportunities. Instead of saving more money into piggy banks, this 19-year-old teenager bought a single-flight ticket to New York and started working in the city right away to pursue her dreams.

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Family First

I asked Ksenia the motivation behind her incredible execution power, her answer was simple: Family. As the eldest child, she has become the role model of her younger sister, and making her family proud has given Ksenia strength on her life path. 

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Body Confidence 

Ksenia also shares some of the most common concerns with girls her age - she admits that she used to feel insecure about her body type. Growing up practising ballet dance, Ksenia was told that she had a bottom 'too big'. She learned to embrace her body type through many collaborated photoshoots, which helped her gain her confidence back. 

Afterall, confidence is a girl's best make-up.

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Photographer: Zayira Ray (

Model: Ksenia Gerasymuk (

Sijia Yu

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