Happy Chinese New Year!

In honor of the Lunar New Year, we are presenting a series of photos shot in Chinatown, Manhattan, one of the cool places to take photos in NYC. The contrast between Lana Para's trendy clothing and retro street vibes in Chinatown is one of our photographer Gillian's favourites. Her work has been featured on magazines such as Last Daze. Be sure to check out her portfolio!

In this year of Rooster, Lana Para will continue to deliver girly chic clothes from individual designers, to our customers all over the world, with guilt-free prices. Want to see a brand on Lana Para? Comment to let us know!

Look 1

Gillian Rae Zoe outfit 1 photo 1Gillian Rae Zoe outfit 1 look 2Gillian Rae Zoe outfit 1 look 3

Look 2

gillian rae zoe look 2 photo 1Gillian rae zoe look 2 photo 2Gillian rae zoe look 2 photo 3Gillian rae zoe look 2 photo 4

Get these looks here!


Photographer: Gillian (

Model: Zoe (




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KYO-TO-TO is here!

Many of you may have already seen the "Hozuki's Coolheadedness" collection from our store. Anime characters are made into beautifully threaded embroidered items.

These items are from KYO-TO-TO, a brand from Kyoto, founded in 1984. The unique combination of traditional culture and modern fun vibes caught our eyes. We decided to introduce KYO-TO-TO to Lana Para, starting with Hozuki's collection. Our customers will be able to shop these beautifully made-in-Japan goods directly online, from our New York office. 

KYO-TO-TO's dedicate embroidery requires artwork and precision heavily.

Here is a brief history of the brand establishment:

After long working in the lace industry first President Takeharu Iwai founded an embroidery workshop for men’s and women’s clothing in Kameoka City in Kyoto Prefecture.
Established DUOMO CO.,LTD.
Started Import Division as a different type of business for domestic wholesale of clothing brands from Europe.
Opened an office the Import Division in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Opened “MARIOS LEFT TANKER”, a multi-brand shop, in Ebisu, Tokyo. Then Moved the office from Shibuya to Ebisu.
Started “KYO-TO-TO” brand to explore further possibility of embroidery.
Renaming Import Division to “DUOMO SHOWROOM”, started agency business in the field of domestic and international clothing brands in Asia.
Opened “Main shop of KYO-TO-TO” at Higashiyama in Kyoto City.
After 10 years of operations closed "MARIOS LEFT TANKER" and the "DUOMO SHOWROOM".
Opened the 2nd KYO-TO-TO shop in Ginza Tokyo.
“KYO-TO-TO” is a brand name that fuses “Kyoto” and “Tokyo” representing both traditional and contemporary centers of Japan. “Departing from Kyoto via Tokyo - to the World” Our concept as an embroidery brand who explores new ways of passing on culture/ tradition and the possibility of new embroidery. We hope that the Japanese culture and tradition will be succeeded by, looking, listening, feeling, using and enjoying the beauty of the forms and sounds of Japanese language and the traditional techniques.


Go give their Instagram a follow if you are interested in the behind-the-scenes of how these beautiful embroideries are processed!
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Summer Please Don't Leave

With New York Fashion Week gone and the starting of schools, we know summer is leaving us, this time for real. A lot of us are rushing to the beach to say goodbye to summer. 

For those who have a summer spirit with them longer than others, congratulations. You are going to love these photos of Millie strolling in New York City, with her summer outfits, captured by Miami photographer Nino Rodriguez. 

Millie shares some of her favourite back-to-school essentials, including eye gloss from Milk Makeup, pink pom-pom heels from Topshop, and patched jeans from Rubberband Stretch

Look 1

A pink afternoon break.


Look 2

Fishnets, patched jeans & lunchbox-turned-clutch.


Look 3

Wildness in the City.


Team credits:

Photographer - Nino Rodriguez (

Model - Millie Beichner (

Makup & Hair Stylist - Millie Beichner




Featured Items 

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From Ukraine to the USA - Ksenia Gerasymuk

How We Met

When I asked Ksenia to model for Lana Para, from a hookah bar in East Village that she was working at, Ksenia quickly exchanged her contact number and a big smile with me. She looked like any other part-time students who are working their ways towards college tuitions and new clothes. A week later we set up a shoot at our showroom.

Nerdy's T-shirt

Her Execution Power

Ksenia visited New York last year. She instantly fell in love with the city's dynamics and saw the unparalleled opportunities. Instead of saving more money into piggy banks, this 19-year-old teenager bought a single-flight ticket to New York and started working in the city right away to pursue her dreams.

Cowfit Matching Set

Family First

I asked Ksenia the motivation behind her incredible execution power, her answer was simple: Family. As the eldest child, she has become the role model of her younger sister, and making her family proud has given Ksenia strength on her life path. 

Onigiri T-shirt (customized crop)

Jeans (Rubberband Stretch)

Body Confidence 

Ksenia also shares some of the most common concerns with girls her age - she admits that she used to feel insecure about her body type. Growing up practising ballet dance, Ksenia was told that she had a bottom 'too big'. She learned to embrace her body type through many collaborated photoshoots, which helped her gain her confidence back. 

Afterall, confidence is a girl's best make-up.

Fries T-shirt Dress

Leather Choker



Photographer: Zayira Ray (

Model: Ksenia Gerasymuk (

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Yukata Fabrics and the Wizard of Oz

Mixing Traditional Patterns with Contemporary Shapes

Last weekend, we headed to Chelsea market and the Pier with photographer Gillian Cohen and model friends Janelle Fletcher and Alexis Fyall to shoot some of our favorite summer looks. The material for the lace-up dresses, inspired by traditional Asian patterns, were sported on a more modern silhouette, a bodycon dress with trendy lace-up details.

Right now, we’re loving the contrast between conventional textiles and contemporary shapes. The lace-up style can be worn in the front, or on the sides, so it’s friendly for both full and small chested girls.

The gingham two-piece outfit also puts a spin on the traditional Wizard of Oz style fabric. This trend is all about paying homage to classic patterns, while keeping things fresh and modern.

Team Credits:

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Featured: New Generations Visiting Retro Arcade in Bay Area

Growing up in Bay Area probably means being surrounded by the most cutting-edge technologies. Google self-driving cars on your streets and your neighbors include Facebook, Apple and Netflix etc. 

Bay Area photographer Simrah Farrukh discovered something of total contrast. Many of us have spent much of our youth (and quarters) at arcades in the 80's. However, it is the new generations visiting these arcades that gives them a whole new life. Different eras live together at the same dimension, thanks to these well conserved retro arcades.

Photos are taken in The Jungle

Model Credits:

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Featured: Touring around Flower District in New York

Last week we had the pleasure to shoot a story featuring New York babe Americana model Emily Marte with the very talented 15-year-old published photographer Sophia Wilson in Flower District, New York. 
Gazing through the vintage-style glasses, we believe that wearing vintage is not just limited to second-hand clothes, but rather a comeback of a beloved fashion era. 

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Featured: The Urban Belle Sky Mimuro

This week we have the LA model/dancer Sky Mimuro to showcase our Holographic Backpack in the perfect Urban Belle style.


More about Skylar's personal styles can be found here.

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